Kitchens of Altrincham - Brochure Design

Kitchens of Altrincham - Project Details

After an initial meeting with the client, it was agreed to centre the brochure and subsequent press campaigns around the following strap line:

  • Real People
  • Real Kitchens
  • Right Prices

We suggested this approach because the kitchen market is saturated with manufacturer-supplied images that are very stale and do not reflect real life kitchens.

Over a three-week period, one of our in-house photographers travelled around Cheshire to photograph a selection of ‘real’ kitchens. Each image was specifically chosen to ensure that the final photographs fitted the brief. This was a brave decision and depended heavily on the ability of the photographer to produce top quality images from real-life situations.

impact creative then liaised with the client on image selection and supplied the copy to accompany each kitchen spread. The client was delighted and gained new business based on real kitchens being shown in the brochure and on their website.

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